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(FALSE) MEMORIES General Background Although he's certainly financially secure now, as a child, Dio Brando grew up in the poorer end of the town with his parents. Well, for the first four years of his life, anyway. Sadly, Dio's mother passed away from an unknown illness, leaving him alone with his father who had a budding drinking problem. Thus, as a child, Dio was managing himself more than any adult was. Despite the lack of adult supervision, he kept his nose clean, graduated high school with top marks, and quickly pursued a law career that he's always dreamed of having. Post-high school, Dio distanced himself from his father, and was frequently embarrassed by his behavior. He would, however, still step in as next-of-kin in situations that required it. That is up until his father's untimely death. Dio's father was found dead close to the fence. Most believe that it was a case of drunken wandering, but there were certainly a small swirl of rumors that Dio might have something to do with it after he was brought in for questioning. Dio was cleared, however, as a suspect, and the death was ruled an accident.

Idaho state bar worked in Dio's favor, so he was able to skip undergraduate. Thus, despite his young age, he's already (aggressively) working towards becoming a partner at the law firm he works for or working hard enough that he can establish himself in his own firm later, whichever will come first. Dio's proven his worth enough that he's starting to gain a reputation as a highly promising criminal defense attorney due to his consistently high performance as second chair, and his handful of forays into acting as first.

As far as his personal life as an adult is concerned, Dio has not had much time to establish many long-term relationships, romantic or otherwise. Likely if asked, most former classmates and current coworkers would say he's likable and appears popular, but no one seems to really know too much about him. Dio prefers it this way, as he finds social interactions like that to be a distraction from his academics and career. This does not, however, mean that Dio is incapable of friendships (he has a handful) or that he's 110% celibate (the one-night stands and/or friends with benefits would certainly disagree). The only thing Dio really tends to avoid really is alcohol, as he doesn't want to chance following in his father's footsteps.

Specific Memories/Relationships To be filled in!
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